Monday, 4 February 2013


Monday, FEBRUARY 04, 2013

Today I spent the day researching "ACERN" (Australia Close Encounter Research Network) started in 1997 by two therapist/councellors; ELIZABETH ROBINSON and MARY RODWELLMany items I read about have been flagged for later research, but I did want to take a minute and share an artist in their "ACERN Art Centre" section under "NEW ITEMS"; JULIAN FINCH.  Sadly, the website where his artwork was located is no longer available.  As a matter of fact, not much is to be found about the artist himself. Below are two samples I found intriguing:

Dream 1 by Julian Finch

Julian Finch & John Mack
Artist Julian Finch with Dr. John Mack taken in 1996 in Sydney 

John Mack by Julian Finch
Dr. John Mack by Julian Finch

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