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CITIZEN HEARING, Day 4, Afternoon Session, Part I of II

Thursday, MAY 2nd, 2013


(These blog entries are built in order to share with you some of what I managed to make note of, while watching the live feed.  I've transcribed from notes as accurately as possible, and apologize in advance if I've made any errors.  I hope you will enjoy and accept this in the manner that which I give it to you; in a spirit of sharing and kindness.) Claudette Huber

Witness Testimony Oath:

ROBERTO PINOTTI's opening statement consisted of his numerous credentials. 
" ROME...2000 UFO reports...1993 I Annual World 1997...Encyclopedia was published...I am well informed about the Vatican views of the UFO and ET...exo diplomacy, the diplomacy.

DR. SUN SHILI from the People's Republic of China gave a very enlightening statement about the Chinese culture and how the UFO Phenomena is dealt with.
"Good afternoon,...dragons are from Outer Space in Chinese Country...The Land of Deities, Land of Gods...We seek the harmony between people and Heaven...very relevant with what we are discussing in the hearing today...BEIJING UFO RESEARCH INSTITUTE...largest UFO research institute in the world...for the past 33 years it's been a very hard time for the UFO research...everyone on this planet are looking for our roots...people are of an overwhelming scale...those who are interested,...account for about 1/2 of the Chinese people; 5 billion people...We have more than 1000 members...after years of research...convinced of the existence of UFO and aliens...we believe the existence of UFOs, we believe existence of alien, extraterrestrial....there is a wealth of mysterious UFO files...history, scientific literature...we have a number of Jade statues that closely resemble aliens...our expert appraisal estimates could have been in existence for 100 million years...We are doing research in high tech...genetic engineering...the study of the sky is for the benefit of the Earth...we are trying to find a solution to the problems here on find the truth and to meet the new civilization on Earth.  Thank you."

GRANT CAMERON presented the audience with an overview of the Canadian history involving the UFO phenomena.  
"Canadian government does not dispute any of the documents online...Canadians went to the Americans...wanted to know what the Americans knew about the UFOs...flying saucers were real...Canadians actually opened up a base in Suffield, land a flying saucer...FLYING SAUCER OBSERVATORY...WILBERT SMITH letters showed he was receiving UFO hardware...United States Military has tons of hardware and film..."

The former Deputy Director for the M.O.D.(Ministry of Defence), NICK POPE, shared his own knowledge of how the United Kingdom approaches the UFO phenomena.  There was a strange contradiction in his statement when he stated there were no project names given, but then later lists one.
"...the U.K. Ministry of Defence...has a dual role...policy making...and highest defence agency...around 5% appeared to defy conventional...though we accepted sightings from everyone...particularly interested in...collaborative evidence...a widely held belief that the government...inherently secret organization...downplay our interest...PROJECT CONDIGN...terminated in 2009...pilots can and do continue to give date over 50,000 documents have been sent to the Archives...whatever the true nature of the phenomena...there are potential novel's clear...there are issues of political responsibility..."


ANTONIO HUNEEUS shared his thoughts and research findings of France:
"...France...really took off in the seventies...NATIONAL POLICE FORCE had been investigating since 1960's...uniformed protocols...respond and investigate any UFO lights by the French public...still in effect...FRENCH SPACE AGENCY...354 UFO cases...25% of which remain unexplained...COMETA REPORT...recently.

NICK POPE was the first to be questioned by MERRILL COOK in regards to the documents released into the Archives:
"Maybe you have read all of them?..."
NICK POPE: "...I went right back to inception...reports during the World War..."
MERRILL COOK:  "What's your there an ET origin?..."
NICK POPE "...the evidence doesn't go quite far is a possibility..."

CAROLYN KILPATRICK addressed her question to the whole expert panel:
"Do any of your countries have any interaction with the United States...on this...over the years...?"
NICK POPE: "Some limited liaisons...BLUE BOOK...until it was terminated...time to time through Agencies...some files were exchanged...GENERAL GABRIEL coming in and taking..."
GRANT CAMERON:  "...Canadians are absolutely quiet...since 1954..."
DR. SUN SHILI:  "...we have some exchanges in the non government establishments...high-level tri-lateral meeting that involved Chinese, Russian...on UFO...THE ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION hosted this meeting..."

ROSCOE BARTLETT asked DR. SUN SHILI how his government felt about cover-up.
"...unacceptable...UFO is a big issue...the government see the UFOs as a national security issue..."

DARLENE HOOLEY wanted to know more about the vehicles and if they were manned.

ANTONIO HUNEEUS:  "...we don't know...exact statistics because of the distance is impossible to determine."
DR. SUN SHILI "There is a higher level air force official, he reported that...there must be a higher intelligent organism in the operating...he even gave me a picture of a UFO...taken from a satellite...crisp, clear." 

R   E   C   E   S   S

CITIZEN HEARING, Day 4, Morning Session, Part II of II

Thursday, MAY 2nd, 2013


Question and Answer Period

(These blog entries are built in order to share with you some of what I managed to make note of, while watching the live feed.  I've transcribed from notes as accurately as possible, and apologize in advance if I've made any errors.  I hope you will enjoy and accept this in the manner that which I give it to you; in a spirit of sharing and kindness.) Claudette Huber 

LYNN WOOLSEY, the acting CHAIR for the day, kicked off things with a spirited comment:

"...What a morning!...hardly any way to deny...absolute proof..."

She then asked COL. OSCAR SANTA-MARIA if he had seen any occupants in the object, and how had he been treated by the government afterwards.
"We could not actually see into the UFO...the 1,800 people that actually negative repercussions...I continued to 1980, when this event happened...installing Soviet materials at that place...we received the order to not talk about this....we had sensitive material...22yrs of silence...They (Press), didn't really know hot to get access to the information..."
Her next question was directed to A. J. GEVAERD of BRAZIL, asking about the incident in the Amazons and what the relationship was with the United States Army at that time.  This was his answer to both LYNN WOOLSEY and also to CAROLYN KILPATRICK who followed up with a very similar question, but addressed all the witnesses:
"...Over a 1000 people were being attacked...emit a beam of light making them faint and mimic...during this 4 months...OPERATION at night the UFOs...Objects would come more and more boldly where the army was camping...over 500 pictures were made...16hrs of film was made...they take the information back to the United States...for their own purposes...operating in many places in the world...military in many countries, United States is collecting...during many years...US coming down to BRAZIL, taking part in research...recent cases." A. J. GEVAERD
"...When they created the office...they contacted the United States Army..., but there was no by former N.A.S.A. Scientist...very close relationship...collected...usually by the Defense attache'...C.I.A..." ANTONIO HUNEEUS
"No, there is no sharing or exchanging of information." COL. ARIEL SANCHEZ
" open, formal agreement...information is shared with US Agencies...UFO had crashed in Northern Peru...they took helicopters that were not part of Peru...apparently they were American helicopters." DR. ANTHONY CHOY
" open documentation..." ROBERTO PINOTTI

CAROLYN KILPATRICK strongly feels it's an, "...International Issue...ought to be United Nation representation...Will you help?"

A UNANIMOUS "YES" resounded from the witnesses.

She continued, "Our military gets your information...we also work together to do that...or there won't be no more universe, do you understand that?"

MERRIL COOK astutely made an observation that he put forth to COL. OSCAR SANTA-MARIA:
"Department of Defense this...referring to your...story?...Are you prohibited to tell us?...Confirm if you can...(he reads from document) 'source has been known to be reputable in all respects'...I mean, this a SMOKING GUN or what?!  To try and open up some files in the United States!..."
With a slight crook of a smile COL. OSCAR SANTA-MARIA replied:
"In 2007,...same building...invited to a conference...James Fox...they turned this document to me...the only encounter with a UFO was my encounter...this was the event referred to..."
MERRILL COOK continued:
"...Really strong YES to my question!...You shot at this!...Are you...a good marksman?...What happened?"
"There were 22 minutes of these was trying to avoid me, I was trying to pursue it...they (30 caliber shell) can destroy a truck, there was 64, a barrage of them, and nothing...I've won awards for marksmanship...I shot these bursts...3 meter by 3 meter target (practice size), in this case was a 10m x10m object!...'how is this doing this?'...super-sonic speed...1.3 achieved 1.2 mach in seconds with no engine..." COL. OSCAR SANTA-MARIA
DR. ANTHONY CHOY interrupted to emphasize the significance of the event COL. OSCAR SANTA-MARIA sharing:
"...perhaps, so humble...I wanted to share...nothing on Earth that can defend that absorbed all of the rounds...absolutely impossible!..."

MIKE GRAVEL, deeply concerned about  A.J. GEVAERD's earlier statement describing " aggressive attack resulting in the loss of life..." asked for more information.
"...during 2 or 3 years, 1976, 1978, least four casualties...attacked...not only people, but animals...this has been described in detail...reported by the military...the attacks stopped...when the military were...the objects that would be hovering, would move to the other area...intelligence...knew what the military were doing in that area..."

MIKE GRAVEL asked all the witnesses how open the gov't and the public are to the UFO topic. 

COL. ARIEL SANCHEZ of URUGUAY: "...Press conferences, information is even taken to schools...also shared with CHINA..."
DR. ANTHONY CHOY of PERU: "The Press is the same here as it is in PERU...government doesn't really give importance."
COL. OSCAR SANTA-MARIA of PERU: "The order was to intercept and destroy, because there is something that is invading our air space."

A few witnesses responded to ROSCOE BARTLETT when he expresses his confusion at how the Air Force makes light of the UFO subject, and yet, what he'd observed from the expert testimony these last few days painted a very different picture.
"...Crash of UFO...a recent 1996...VARGINHA CASE...offered no resistance to it's capture...the next day...US Military Intelligence...US Doctors...follow the procedures...what was being done...because they (beings) one could explain...we know for a fact, at least one of the creatures was taken to United States...and part of that object..." A. J. GEVAERD
"...BOLIVIA...a crash that took place...May of 1978...official released documents...Air Force Officer...PROJECT MOON DUST...recovery of Space Debris...they list Space Debris...and then they say Unidentified Flying a very remote area..." ANTONIO HUNEEUS
"No official exchange with the UNITED STATES...regards of UFO."  COL. ARIEL SANCHEZ
"...2 Levels...Public Level...another Level...there is an exchange of information... There are no official documents, but we have received many testimonies." DR. ANTHONY CHOY
"Not aware of any official exchange...any time there is a new event... there is an exchange."  COL. OSCAR SANTA-MARIA

ROSCOE G. BARTLETT decided to throw out a skeptic's possible theory:
"...giant hologram, rather than something physical...arguments for that or against that..."
"Difficult...I saw it from different angles...colors were really solid...a REAL OBJECT." COL. OSCAR SANTA-MARIA

There seemed to be great interest from the Panel as to how other governments, other press, and other publics, react to the UFO Phenomena. A similar thread of questioning was put forth by acting Chair DARLENE HOOLEY:
"Here, if you believe in Unidentified Objects...there's been such a damper...made fun of...this is REAL!..What is the attitude of your people and your media?
ANTONIO HUNEEUS on behalf of CHILE: "It gets covered in mainstream papers...some ridicule...not as bad as UNITED STATES.  Scientific Community...very conservative...that is changing.  Airline Pilots were very cautious...they're (government) trying to condition them that it's okay...there's official forms..."
COL. ARIEL SANCHEZ of URUGUAY:  "...People's attitude and government attitude is very respectful...have reliable and transparent information and they accept that..."
DR. ANTHONY CHOY of PERU:  "Believing or's not a matter of belief...I'm SHOCKED how this is addressed in the UNITED STATES...we don't look at this way..."
COL. OSCAR SANTA-MARIA of PERU:  "Starting in the 90's pilots talk very freely of what you've seen and what happened...I am very pleased..."
ALEJANDRO CHIONETTI of ARGENTINA:  "...Latin America pilots are so open...What happened, we only have activity South of the border?!..."

COL. OSCAR SANTA-MARIA described in greater detail his own personal observations during his encounter with the UFO, after LYNN WOOLSEY asked if he had felt threatened.
"It was like a peaceful attitude.  Never did I feel a threat that is was going to attack me...I had to turn my back when I returned to base!"

There was unanimous consensus amongst the experts about the need for more Scientific Study:
" 1993 we saw two luminous spheres...that measured 30 to 40 centimeters...they left prints...a diminishment of zinc, phosphorous, and magnesium...if this was reminiscent of any other interaction...we don't have anything else to analyze..."  COL. ARIEL SANCHEZ
"Serious, formal, Scientific investigations...defied conventional explanations...the only way...escape conventional Scientific 2010 there was a home...a cell phone...disappeared from one house, and appeared in had witnesses!" DR. ANTHONY CHOY

Final question was posed by ROSCOE G. BARTLETT:
"...rate where your military, government to ten...One accepting...Ten is denial."
A. J. GAEVAERD of BRAZIL: "Three, two, three...upgrade to a 1."
ANTONIO HUNEEUS representing CHILE:  "in terms of; a one!...but the extraterrestrial..maybe a 6, or 7."
COL. ARIEL SANCHEZ of URUGUAY:  "...Air Force, I would say zero...even welcome the idea of Extraterrestrial...spiritual groups...accept what we are proposing...there is acceptance..."
DR. ANTHONY CHOY of PERU:  "I profoundly LOVE my country...profoundly ADMIRE the American people...very complex!...This has been going on for 13yrs and...there has been minimal response...a ten."
ALEJANDRO CHIONETTI of ARGENTINA: "...the government is investigating the UFOs with political correctness..."

    A   J   O   U   R   N   E   D

GARY HESELTINE was in the audience during this session.

As you can see there was a lot of great information covered in the morning session.  I leave you with an amusing comment MERRILL COOK made during this question and answer period.


Thursday, 2 May 2013

CITIZEN HEARING, Day 4, Morning Session, Part I of II

Thursday, MAY 2nd, 2013


(These blog entries are built in order to share with you some of what I managed to make note of, while watching the live feed.  I've transcribed from notes as accurately as possible, and apologize in advance if I've made any errors.  I hope you will enjoy and accept this in the manner that which I give it to you; in a spirit of sharing and kindness.) Claudette Huber 

Witness Testimony Oath:


Today we had the pleasure of DARLENE HOOLEY CHAIRing over THE CITIZEN HEARING. There were a few technical issues with the live feed and the translation feature, but it was soon resolved and the rest of day went very well.  In my written notes I had written the word "WOW!" at the end of the morning session, and was eager to share some of what I'd heard.  So with that in mind, I want to jump right into A.J. GEVAERD's statement, who traveled all the way from Brazil!:
"...Thank you...really anxious to see the result of this...South America has by far the most agencies to investigate the UFO Phenomena..Just two weeks ago, we had a't deal with this...April 18, 2013...It was given to us..promised...we will have a clear...more papers and documents will be 1954, in RIO DE JANEIRO ...declared...UFO is very serious...and needs to be investigated...'OPERATION SAUCER', 1977 September to December 1977...official try and document...6hrs of video, actually film...sometimes at close range...try and establish contact...I'm glad to bring...440 pages, which is...20%...official documents from Brazil...related to the incident in the Amazon."

Next, representing CHILE was ANTONIO HUNEEUS, who gave his expert testimony:
"...UFO Agencies...have been officially under the Air's committee, C.E.F.A.A. (COMMITTEE for the STUDY of AERIAL ANOMALOUS PHENOMENA),'s like the F.A.A. (FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION) had a appointed UFO Department...have scientists, astronomers...physicist...geographer and two visual...rep of each branch of military...and local police...operate in open and transparent and freely...PELICAN CASE...2010...Three airplanes witness the same phenomena...camouflaged object...looked like a cloud. But! with erratic motion...the United States likes to think it's always ahead, but that is not the case with this phenomenology..."
I'm sad to say, I wasn't able to catch the entire testimonies of COL. ARIEL SANCHEZ  , DR. ANTHONY CHOY , and COL. OSCAR SANTA-MARIA due to the technical difficulties experienced in the morning.  So in my idleness, I took a closer look at the audience and noticed a blond woman wearing dark sunglasses, seated next DR. ROGER LEIR.  Given the topic at hand, it wasn't a stretch for me to wonder, was she attempting to disguise herself?  Anyway, that was enough conspiratorial play time for me, as the translator function started to work.  And boy, was I happy it did!

ALEJANDRO CHIONETTI from ARGENTINA was the last to share his testimony:
"...the 70's were particularly busy times...UFOs on the Landing Strip...C.E.F.A (COMMISSION for the STUDY of AEROSPACE PHENOMENA) ...they have investigation brigades...2011 where a glowing ball fell from the sky...this case is left unsolved...great person was killed in this's worth the sacrifice and that Scientists in the future can shed the light in...I have spent the past 36 years investigating this phenomena...could in fact be extraterrestrial...they let people read between the line.  Thank you very much."
B    R    E    A    K

Interestingly, A. J. GEVAERD asked permission for a former Congress Member from BRAZIL, seated to his left, the opportunity to address the Panel before he presented his own testimony.  This man's closing remark:
"...Congratulations!  We are working towards the interest of the people of the Earth versus the interest of a particular person."
I did not catch his name, but it was expressed that he, too, "...wants to do something like this (CITIZEN HEARING) inside the house...".

ROGER LEIR was present during this part of the morning session.

CITIZEN HEARING, Day 3, Afternoon Session, Part II of II

Wednesday, MAY 01st, 2013



(These blog entries are built in order to share with you some of what I managed to make note of, while watching the live feed.  I've transcribed from notes as accurately as possible, and apologize in advance if I've made any errors.  I hope you will enjoy and accept this in the manner that which I give it to you; in a spirit of sharing and kindness.) Claudette Huber 


Witness Testimony Oath:


I got the distinct impression that LT. COL. RICHARD FRENCH will not be giving out too many more public statements as he looked quite frail. It is paramount that his testimony be archived for future reference.  You will discover he is no stranger to the Roswell account:
"...I learned of an the direction of WHITE SANDS...a fighter air idea what it was, the aircraft took off at a high speed and shot off a rocket...afterwards, I was asked to review what was picked up at the craft side...markings appeared to be Arabic, some unknown...casualties transported to WRIGHT PATTERSON...I have quite an experience of seeing UFOs...originally O.S.I., very common at GULF BREEZE...see them come in and land...swamp gas...of course it was a lie, we were encouraged to lie..."
MERRIL COOK was intrigued by LT. COL. RICHARD FRENCH's testimony and asked several questions:
"...this is...highly significant...exactly what you are saying...I commend you for all your service...When did you learn about the accident?..."
LT. COL. RICHARD FRENCH replies, "In a matter of hours."
MERRIL COOK:  "...That's significant...unknown humanoids, did you see them?"
LT. COL. RICHARD FRENCH: "No, I was told."
MERRIL COOK: "How did you hear of the humanoid?"
LT. COL. RICHARD FRENCH:  "People that were there...Enlisted People...various people that were standing on the ramp.  A nurse that was in uniform at the time...she would have known...very closed...later on, I had a very close friend who was a full Colonel...'yes, that's where the parts went'..."

STANTON FRIEDMAN discussing the cover-up:
"...balloons train...they don't match...the fact that they staged the event...they went to a lot of trouble to cover it up...a failure of the press to ask even the basic questions...they got away with it...the press is still not getting really bugs me!"

CAROLYN KILPATRICK challenges DONALD R. SCHMITT, "...give me four sound, scientific reasons why we should go to Roswell...?"  His reply:
"....Historical Fact...they captured a flying saucer...a press release...2 would be...years there after no matter what...eye witness were still discussing this...3rd would be the deathbed declarations...4th would certainly be flight records, cryptology records...all the records of summer 1947 have been destroyed..."
I leave you with MIKE GRAVEL's closing remarks:
"...This is very important...I've eluded to this earlier...the best effort we have to bring visibility...use your good offices...we could go to UNITED NATIONS...we could do it through BRAZILIAN or CANADIAN resolution...we would have the most awe inspiring event!..."

A   D   J   O   U   R   N   E   D 

STANTON FRIEDMAN voice was beginning to show some wear as he struggled through his friendly introduction of DONALD R. SCHMITT; the 7 o'clock first slotted evening presentation.  
LINDA MOULTON HOWE presented in the next time slot, and was gracious enough to offer to stick around for the last five minutes of her time and answer any questions from the floor.

 PETER DAVENPORT, showed his true passion for his work by presenting a plethora of sighting cases, even going over his allotted time to ensure he'd covered all the cases he felt were important to share. 

It's been a long day for me, I hope you are enjoying the coverage I am offering.  Tomorrow's talks will be focusing on the global UFO phenomena, which will prove to be very interesting I'm sure.


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CITIZEN HEARING, Day 3, Afternoon Session, Part I of II

Wednesday, MAY 01st, 2013


 (These blog entries are built in order to share with you some of what I managed to make note of, while watching the live feed.  I've transcribed from notes as accurately as possible, and apologize in advance if I've made any errors.  I hope you will enjoy and accept this in the manner that which I give it to you; in a spirit of sharing and kindness.) Claudette Huber 

Witness Testimony Oath:


First to present their testimony was DONALD R. SCHMITT , a true advocate for the rights of the families whose lives have been affected by this event.  He shared:
"...recovered a crashed space craft...would any of us having any difficulty recognizing materials such as plastic, wood, metal?...paper-thin metal-like material that you could not destroy with any conventional means...flows on your hand like water..."
"...To think we now have four official versions of this event!...sworn affidavits...sworn death-bed testimonies...death-beds are admissible...there should be no discrimination.  Just because we don't like the testimony...there still remains questions."
In his closing remarks, DONALD R. SCHMITT quoted a line from the SHAKESPEARE play "HAMLET":
"There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than in your dreams."
Next to speak, was no stranger to THE CITIZEN HEARING proceedings, STANTON FRIEDMANHe presented his case giving a run-down on the sequence of events that led him to his key witnesses, and the happenings thereafter.  (The live feed dropped several times during MR. FRIEDMAN's testimony, I apologize I can't give you more than this.)

LT. COL. KEVIN RANDLE presented his findings from his tireless research trying to uncover the truth of the Roswell UFO crash.  Here are some highlights:
"...a wood so tough he couldn't get a sliver off...bolt cutters...'I can't talk about it, I promised the President I wouldn't talk about it'...'It seems it was something that came on Earth, but not from Earth'..."
an interesting point raised:
"...Everything has to be paid for by the Military, and everything has to be recorded...the flight (with the recovered debris) is paid out of the training budget..."

It was a delight hearing first hand what DR. JESSE MARCEL, JR. experienced as an 11yr old boy, and then subsequently after the initial event.  His son and daughter were seated to his right, JESSE MARCEL, III and DENICE MARCEL.  They both presented compelling testimonies to the character of both their father, DR. JESSE MARCEL, JR., and their grandfather, JESSE MARCEL, SR..
"...I am the son of JESSE MARCEL, dad's credentials are very impressive...Radar School is very important, he would have been very dad was the Intelligence was their job to ascertain what it was out there, and bring it dad said 'You'll never see something like this again.'...'look at this, I think this is the remains of a flying saucer'...three components...foil...if you folded it, it plastic, like a broken any rate, that's where the cover up happened.  In GENERAL RAMEY's office..."
" has had a great impact on our lives...hypnosis session...successful...he motioned grabbing the beam, looking at the glyphs...why did they have to be silent about a weather balloon? grandfather and father were both dedicated military men...It has affected my family in so many ways...respect and recognition they deserve." DENICE MARCEL
MERRILL COOK was moved by all of the MARCELs's testimonies:
"I'm very impressed...everything you said speaks for itself...everything you said is honest...I agree with you, they should open the files..."
DR. JESSE MARCEL, JR. recounts the mysterious events surrounding a visit to the Capital Building where he was taken into a basement meeting room:
" the basement...beautiful room...with pictures of founding fathers...a book was there...'this is not fiction'...first time someone in the inner sanctums admitted...'there's a black government, they have control of the debris, and they answer to no one'..."
Conversation about the debris, and what may have happened to it:
"...Probably got sent to Wright curtain got slammed down quickly." STANTON FRIEDMAN
"How quickly?" LYNN WOOLSEY
"Five hours!..." LT. COL. KEVIN RANDLE
CAROLYN KILPATRICK asks, "Where do go from here, why of it...?"
DR. JESSE MARCEL, JR. replies, "It tells us we are not alone.  There are other civilizations out there..."
ROSCOE BARTLETT"Did your father mention seeing bodies?"
DR. JESSE MARCEL, JR. answers, "He knew people who did..."

I end the first half of the afternoon session with DR. JESSE MARCEL, JR.'s personal statement:
"...It was a very EARTH, SPACE awakening experience for me..."

B    R    E    A   K

LINDA MOULTON HOWE and ROGER LEIR were present during this session in the audience.