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CITIZEN HEARING, Day 3, Morning Session, Part II

Wednesday, MAY 01st, 2013


(These blog entries are built in order to share with you some of what I managed to make note of, while watching the live feed.  I've transcribed from notes as accurately as possible, and apologize in advance if I've made any errors.  I hope you will enjoy and accept this in the manner that which I give it to you; in a spirit of sharing and kindness.) Claudette Huber

Witness Testimony Oath:

DR. ROBERT (BOB) WOOD started off the morning's second half of testimony:
"...Public Relations...Mr. Carter, knowledgeable and helpful...based on the content...say it is fake...if you look at the 'z's' on the font...this is (typewriter) here and one in the basement of the Pentagon...authentically printed for some reason in 1954..."
In closing he added:
"...conclusion I've come to is incredibly wild!...until we can quantify the Alien threat...I think the American people deserve the most of it, we paid for it!"
LINDA MOULTON HOWE followed with her presentation describing:
"...this manual (EXTRATERRESTRIAL ENTITIES AND TECHNOLOGY. RECOVERY AND DISPOSAL)*: '...prepared especially for the Operation Majestic 12...covert operation to be carried out in concert with Central Intelligence to effect the recovery for the United States of extraterrestrial technology and entities which may come down inside the territory of or fall into the possession of foreign powers.'...if it was printed in 1954, it was written before 1954..."
there's more:
"...Extraterrestrial Biological Entities (EBEs) are described as...'Type I: humanoid and might be mistaken for human beings of the Oriental race if seen from a distance...(it seems certain that they did not evolve on earth...may have originated on two different planets)'."
and the crafts:
"...'Elliptical, or disc shape. This type of craft is of a metallic construction and dull aluminum in color...The dome may or may not include windows or ports...generally no visible antenna or projections... Landing gear supports the main body 2 - 3 feet above the surface'..."
Seated to the right of LINDA M. HOWE was MR. STANTON FRIEDMAN who then took the floor:
"It's a privilege to be here, representing both countries. (US, and CANADA)...many misconceptions about documents...the clearance wasn't the problem, it's the need to know clearance...awful lot of documents that haven't been scanned...PHILIP KLASS...go-to man for someone looking for a debunker...offered a $100 each for authentic documents...he'd never been to the Eisenhower Library ...14 documents...he paid me...he got very upset when I printed his cheque in one of my books...when a perfectly genuine document might have a false claim in it...a lot of people who got this memo didn't have the need to know, so that's why they to lie..."
GRANT CAMERON finished off the testimonies with his address:
"It has been an honor to testify before this committee...Rockefeller ...1000 pages of documents...have gone missing...I intend to send them back to the library...Canadians...playing the same games of the Americans...they're just releasing their sighting files...PROJECT no time should this be made available to public...the originals have been attached and should not be destroyed until such time as the UFO topic has cooled off..."
MERRIL COOK kicked off the question and answer period:
"...DR. WOOD,'re obviously an intelligent question...these are authentic!"
"My son's website shows all those documents." DR. ROBERT WOOD
"...I wanna know the truth!...We wouldn't have these documents without the four of you sitting here does not prove...we're collecting...extraterrestrial material at the time...first source evidence of ET..." MERRIL COOK
"...Wilbur Smith...dying of cancer...he said the US has tons of is in Official not Air Force hands...he did see a flying saucer and the beings outside of Washington, D.C." GRANT CAMERON
DARLENE HOOLEY asked what other countries do regarding UFOs?:
"...pass it on to the O.S....wanna figure how it works?...what if an announcement were to be made...what would happen?  Are we ready to deal with...distinct religious of the Devil...they're more advanced than we are...airplane being destroyed by aliens chasing their aircraft...bad things happen to people we don't want you to hear about's a Whole New World...everything CHANGES!..."  STANTON FRIEDMAN
A recurring concern for CAROLYN KILPATRICK :
"...I want my grandchildren to have a world beyond the next 30, 40 years...we got some work to do!"
GRANT CAMERON replies, "...they have a different opinion of what is good for our children..."
CAROLYN KILPATRICK: "...we're going to get together on the how to...I don't want to give up, it's too critical!...we still have a lot of work to do."

LYNN WOOLSEY gave some very important advice in hopes of moving forward full disclosure:
"...a bit of a to bring the congress into this's not going to be like this...all this open discussion, not going to happen.  You would get 5 minutes!...questions and answers...5 minutes to give their opinion, important when you come...arrogant members of congress...find a way to talk to them, to bring them into the fold...there has to be a way to bring them into the visits...start talking to staff!...about what you want...without the sense that Congress is failing will do us no good to get through this amazing week without being able to bring them into the fold...sitting members...that have to be have to know you're going to get a snapshot time..."
 ROSCOE BARTLETT asked how many high ranking documents are available and these are the replies:
"...very few...released by accident...they're going to go to the grave protecting this..." GRANT CAMERON
"How we might get this out of the shadow of the lunatic fringe...authenticity of a court, and a question of the authenticity of a document...who would that be?...who that honest broker would be...a vehicle that would be agreeable...for the general public...entity to get this in the public domain...if we can do this we can get this out of the lunatic fringe..."
A very interesting concept for a solution to the disclosure issue is proposed by the acting CHAIR,  MIKE GRAVEL:
"...What is the next step...not Congress...a GREAT  first step...INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE...hopefully under the auspice of the UNITED NATION...get it through the General Assembly...a body within South America that have an interest in this...not a hearing like stream in all the languages...I think this should be the next step...I have lost faith in true representation from have to have power to make changes...the answer is with the people."
L  U  N  C  H     B  R  E  A  K 

On that optimistic point everyone broke for lunch.  I can only imagine what the conversations were like over the lunch tables after MIKE GRAVEL's inspirational idea.

JOHN VENTRE and ROGER LEIR were present in the audience this morning.

*This document is available in LINDA MOULTON HOWE's book "GLIMPSES OF OTHER REALITIES, VOLUME II: HIGH STRANGENESS" pages 357 to 384


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