Thursday, 2 May 2013

CITIZEN HEARING, Day 4, Morning Session, Part I of II

Thursday, MAY 2nd, 2013


(These blog entries are built in order to share with you some of what I managed to make note of, while watching the live feed.  I've transcribed from notes as accurately as possible, and apologize in advance if I've made any errors.  I hope you will enjoy and accept this in the manner that which I give it to you; in a spirit of sharing and kindness.) Claudette Huber 

Witness Testimony Oath:


Today we had the pleasure of DARLENE HOOLEY CHAIRing over THE CITIZEN HEARING. There were a few technical issues with the live feed and the translation feature, but it was soon resolved and the rest of day went very well.  In my written notes I had written the word "WOW!" at the end of the morning session, and was eager to share some of what I'd heard.  So with that in mind, I want to jump right into A.J. GEVAERD's statement, who traveled all the way from Brazil!:
"...Thank you...really anxious to see the result of this...South America has by far the most agencies to investigate the UFO Phenomena..Just two weeks ago, we had a't deal with this...April 18, 2013...It was given to us..promised...we will have a clear...more papers and documents will be 1954, in RIO DE JANEIRO ...declared...UFO is very serious...and needs to be investigated...'OPERATION SAUCER', 1977 September to December 1977...official try and document...6hrs of video, actually film...sometimes at close range...try and establish contact...I'm glad to bring...440 pages, which is...20%...official documents from Brazil...related to the incident in the Amazon."

Next, representing CHILE was ANTONIO HUNEEUS, who gave his expert testimony:
"...UFO Agencies...have been officially under the Air's committee, C.E.F.A.A. (COMMITTEE for the STUDY of AERIAL ANOMALOUS PHENOMENA),'s like the F.A.A. (FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION) had a appointed UFO Department...have scientists, astronomers...physicist...geographer and two visual...rep of each branch of military...and local police...operate in open and transparent and freely...PELICAN CASE...2010...Three airplanes witness the same phenomena...camouflaged object...looked like a cloud. But! with erratic motion...the United States likes to think it's always ahead, but that is not the case with this phenomenology..."
I'm sad to say, I wasn't able to catch the entire testimonies of COL. ARIEL SANCHEZ  , DR. ANTHONY CHOY , and COL. OSCAR SANTA-MARIA due to the technical difficulties experienced in the morning.  So in my idleness, I took a closer look at the audience and noticed a blond woman wearing dark sunglasses, seated next DR. ROGER LEIR.  Given the topic at hand, it wasn't a stretch for me to wonder, was she attempting to disguise herself?  Anyway, that was enough conspiratorial play time for me, as the translator function started to work.  And boy, was I happy it did!

ALEJANDRO CHIONETTI from ARGENTINA was the last to share his testimony:
"...the 70's were particularly busy times...UFOs on the Landing Strip...C.E.F.A (COMMISSION for the STUDY of AEROSPACE PHENOMENA) ...they have investigation brigades...2011 where a glowing ball fell from the sky...this case is left unsolved...great person was killed in this's worth the sacrifice and that Scientists in the future can shed the light in...I have spent the past 36 years investigating this phenomena...could in fact be extraterrestrial...they let people read between the line.  Thank you very much."
B    R    E    A    K

Interestingly, A. J. GEVAERD asked permission for a former Congress Member from BRAZIL, seated to his left, the opportunity to address the Panel before he presented his own testimony.  This man's closing remark:
"...Congratulations!  We are working towards the interest of the people of the Earth versus the interest of a particular person."
I did not catch his name, but it was expressed that he, too, "...wants to do something like this (CITIZEN HEARING) inside the house...".

ROGER LEIR was present during this part of the morning session.

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