Sunday, 17 March 2013


Sunday: MARCH 17th, 2013

"...Whoever's out there is making a great effort to bring us into contact without destroying our culture..."  WHITLEY STRIEBER


I was fascinated by YURI ISAACOV's account of how there was a yellow powdered substance retrieved, by the local police, and to this day  he suffers from bleeding, painful, burning wounds.  

Saturday, 16 March 2013

The Paranormal and The Sacred Show!

Saturday: MARCH 16th, 2013


The Paranormal and the Sacred

     I had no intentions on creating another blog entry so soon after my last one from a few days ago, but something happened that needs to be shared with all of you!! 
     A typical day for me starts with spending the first half researching the Web, reading Blog Entries, following my many friends on Facebook who also do research, and trying to squeeze in a past Pod Cast show or two later in the day all dealing with UFOLOGY.  I find this topic fascinating, and the people who make up this colorful community surprisingly approachable and equally passionate. I've had the privilege of meeting all kinds of fantastic people in this field including: Abductees, Hypnotherapists, Scientists, Astrologers, Archeologists, Biblical Scholars, Film/TV Producers, and several Published Researchers.  Which leads me to why this post is being quickly put together...

     RYAN SPRAGUE not only is a Published Contributing Writer for several publications, including "OPEN MINDS"
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magazine, he is also a very promising Graduate Playwright! Ryan's current project that he's working on tells of the friendship between LARRY WARREN and PETER ROBBINS (Author/Researcher/Artist) and how the book "LEFT AT EAST GATE" came to be told.
The book describes Larry Warren's UFO experience in RENDLESHAM FOREST. That is how we came to know each other, since military UFO incidents are something I'm extremely interested in. 

RYAN SPRAGUE deserves more than this brief article I'm posting today, but I really wanted to share the interview that he and Host CHAR McCAIN invited me to join in on. 
To find out more about Ryan's play, he can be followed on his facebook page titled:
RYAN also has a website that I absolutely love the cover photo of:


I must dash!  Apologies to both CHAR and RYAN that this post isn't more put together, but I've a busy day ahead of me and really wanted to share the exciting experience you both so graciously invited me to share.

CHAR McCAIN will be interviewing KATHLEEN MARDEN, the niece of BETTY and BARNEY HILL, next Friday night.  Wow! Do not miss your chance to hear what will prove to be a fascinating interview I'm sure. Visit the link below and see how easy it is to follow CHAR McCAIN's radio show! 
The Paranormal and the Sacred

Great weekend to ALL!  I leave you with a photo of Ryan and I at the "International UFO Congress 2013" in Fountain Hills, AZ.


Friday, 15 March 2013


Friday: MARCH 15, 2013

     On February 26, 2013 I had the privilege of attending the "EBE FILM FESTIVAL SCREENINGS".  This highly entertaining event kicked off the "22nd ANNUAL UFO CONGRESS CONVENTION & FILM FESTIVAL 2013" held in the FORT MCDOWELL CASINO/RESORT in Fountain Hills, AZ.

International UFO Congress 2013

     Amongst the many wonderful films showcased that day, "IN THE NIGHT SKY : I RECALL A UFO" really caught my attention. The film follows Researcher Linda Zimmermann as she tackles the UFO history that haunts the Hudson Valley, New York area since the early 30's. We are also brought along as Linda explores a few of the many Stone Chambers that are scattered throughout the Putnam Valley, New York area. Linda wraps up the film with an emotional personal statement. One that she, herself, had not expected to feel:
"I'm angry the way witnesses have been treated and ridiculed.  I'm angry the way they've been ignored.  I'm angry that the government, that officials, they're not paying any attention to this.  How can you not pay attention to things that are violating our air space with impunity, that are scaring our citizens.  How do ignore that and laugh it off?...I'm angry." Linda Zimmermann
An opinion many people in the UFOLOGY field probably agree with. 


     I was thrilled to find Producer FELIX OLIVIERI and Researcher LINDA ZIMMERMANN selling copies of their film the next day. They were so excited to learn how much I'd enjoyed their film, that before I realized what was happening my gushing review was filmed! 
Claudette Huber's movie debut!  
I wasn't the only one who liked their movie.  Felix and Linda had the honor of getting onstage Saturday night, March 2nd, to accept the award "2013 International UFO Congress EBE Film Festival People's Choice Award".

FELIX OLIVIERI and LINDA ZIMMERMAN with the "People's Choice Award" 

     This article wouldn't be whole without also mentioning LINDA ZIMMERMAN'S perfect companion book to the film titled, 

 To learn more about both the book and the film that includes two DVDs, visit their official website:

I hope this write-up pleases both Felix and Linda. It was a pleasure to have met them both in person. You can follow them on facebook by typing "In The Night Sky" in the search bar.  Finally, I leave you with a photo of myself with Linda and Felix taken at the conference shortly after purchasing their film and book.  

*After finishing up this article I learned through the 'Open Minds' Recap of 2013 Congress Episode 41 that Felix had to have his HEART restarted and almost didn't make it onstage to accept his award!!  For more about his miraculous recovery:

 "Spacing Out" a weekly web series hosted by Jason McClellan and Maureen Elsberry (For more information on this show visit: