Saturday, 9 March 2013

TRAVIS WALTON "The Abduction"

Friday, MARCH 8th, 2013

Fire in the Sky

I think it's safe to say most everyone is familiar with that fateful night of November 5th, 1975 when the incredible, terrifying experience that permanently affected Travis Walton's life occurred.

If in the past, you had tried to obtain a copy of Travis Walton's book "Fire In The Sky", you would have quickly discovered, as I did,  that it was no longer in print and the copies available were being sold for sums of money that went well above what most of our budgets would allow.

Imagine how excited I was while attending my very first "International 2013 UFO Congress" in Phoenix, I found Travis Walton himself sitting behind his "vendor" table! Not only did I get to meet Travis face to face, but he also informed me that his book was once again available!  Visit where you can purchase your very own copy, along with an autograph if you wish. **It's important to note that this new edition is exclusively available only via his website or if you're so lucky to see him in person. 

But wait!  There's more GOOD NEWS..

The men who witnessed Travis Walton being hit by a beam of light and their own terrifying ordeal of being accused of murder during Travis's incredible disappearance for 5 days!

 I've often pondered on not only how earth shattering an experience this was for Travis Walton, but also for each of the men who were there that night.  Imagine having to report a co-worker mysteriously gone missing and that you saw a spaceship!  Those 5 days were a nightmare for both sides of this experience.  Travis lived through a hellish experience that haunts him to this day on one side, and the men left behind having to explain and live through several days of personal persecution and the reality of what they witnessed on the other side.  Both sides deserve attention and study, in my opinion.  
    While visiting with Travis at his table he disclosed another exciting addition to the list of documentation out in the media concerning the 1975 experience.  A 90 minute tv special produced by "Paranormal Witness", Season 2 Episode 9, titled "The Abduction"I found the Season 2 DVD available for sale at Amazon, "THE ABDUCTION" .  A compelling, candid documentary narrated by the men themselves chronicling the events that took place over that week of time. 

"The Abduction" Season 2, Episode 209, Syfy 
 In closing I leave you with a very special photo taken at the "International 2013 UFO Congress" of myself and TravisAn honest man coping with extraordinary circumstances. As Travis so eloquently expressed in "The Abduction", "My brother was at his strongest when I was at my weakest."
"International 2013 UFO Congress" February 28, 2013