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CITIZEN HEARING, Day 3, Morning Session, Part I of II

Wednesday, MAY 01st, 2013


(These blog entries are built in order to share with you some of what I managed to make note of, while watching the live feed.  I've transcribed from notes as accurately as possible, and apologize in advance if I've made any errors.  I hope you will enjoy and accept this in the manner that which I give it to you; in a spirit of sharing and kindness.) Claudette Huber 

PETER DAVENPORT , Director of the 'NATIONAL UFO REPORTING CENTER' opening remarks:
"...The question of whether human beings are alone in the world today is one of the most important questions...It changed my life, and what I thought my reality would be..."
He continues with several cases, including the 1936 event involving two teenage boys on their way to Anchorage, Alaska, and the well-known Phoenix Lights event to name a few.  He ends with the most recent, disturbing sightings where his organization has amassed upwards of 3000 sightings all involving in excess of 150 clusters of lights at one time.  PETER DAVENPORT suspects, "...we may have rounded the corner...".

MR. PETER ROBBINS spoke next about his credentials as a "...self-trained UFO Researcher...", and the numerous works he's had published such as "LEFT AT EAST GATE" .  He spoke of the effect his research work has had on his personal life, and also how his co-author, of the above mentioned book has his passport privileges revoked, and the process involved to get it reinstated. He ended his statement with accolades to both SGT. JOHN BURROUGHS and SGT. JAMES PENNISTON , and the thanked everyone for the privilege to be able to participate in the hearing:
"...I applaud John and James for bringing the truth out in all of this...thank you for the privilege of appearing before you."
GARY HELSELTINE, retired Police Detective from the UK, proved to be a bit of a bull in a china cabinet.  Not to discredit what he was nobly trying to accomplish today, but his constant interruptions, and arrogant assumption that he could instruct the panel on what they should be asking about, proved to be quite alienating and tiresome.  He is launching a new magazine, in which PETER ROBBINS mentioned he will be a contributing writer; "UFO TRUTH MAGAZINE". His main focus was on how to mainstream the acceptance of police eye-witness accounts both within their own professional organizations and within the media.
"...They are seeing actual structured craft...accept this collective testimonies as genuine..."
GARY HELSETINE's closing remark:
"...I am deeply honored to be here today...this is will be congratulated in time for your cooperation."
LINDA MOULTON HOWE was the final expert to present. She described her extensive experience as a producer of many documentaries, a hundred live televised programs, her EARTHFILES website work, and the 4 books she has authored.  Ofcourse, it's no surprise Linda then began speaking about Animal Mutilations, a subject she has studied for most of her career:
"...around the world...Adelaide Hills...4 cows with holes drilled in their skulls and their brains were removed....Australia (South)....By 2013, every state in the United States and every province in Canada have reported animal mutilations...what is the surgical instrument?...the surgical procedures took place...less than 2 minutes...local Canadian media were told there by local police that it was satanic rituals...the truth was too difficult to report publicly...the truth is, law enforcements have long known..."
She finished off her testimony with this sad statement:
"...We are on a planet where humans are more afraid of humans and their ridicule than aliens from outer space!..."
ROSCOE G. BARTLETT brought a bit of humor into the room afterwards with this bit:
"...3 degrees of liars...liars, damned liars, and a statistician."
It was well received with chuckles throughout the room.  He then continued with his statement that kicked off the question and answer period:
"...What are they?!...This is REAL, not something you can argue away.  I believe in UFOS, I'm not quite there on ETs...there is a real opportunity for some interesting stories...the press doesn't have to buy in...simply report what's out there...if someone sights something, someone sights something, why not report it?!...the Phenomena is real!...there are 1000s of sightings...WHO has been successful in telling the press these are not important?  This is a free press!..."
Some of the responses to the questions put forth to the experts:
"...We no longer have the luxury of disbelief...I tend to shy away from colleagues who say they know...66 years of Western Journalism...and you're wired to think...'gee, I did not know he was mystical...or that he wants to be on Oprah'...I read every article the New York Times...98% of the New York Times coverage...was Sarcastic, condescending, ridiculing...often unnamed, contentious experts...breathtaking is their ignorance." PETER ROBBINS
"...the disconnect between the current world population...the gap is so great that to so difficult...they feel this is a subject that cannot be is difficult to change what has always been known..." LINDA MOULTON HOWE
CAROLYN KILPATRICK made both a remark and then asked:
"...This is the first day of the rest of our lives!...I commend you for your testimonies... What is the position of the British government?..."
"...Britain follows general lead of America...majority of papers being released is low grade..."
CAROLYN KILPATRICK showed no fear supporting the need for disclosure and of her intentions:
"...I'm in the Action Phase.  You came here to ask us to do something, but we gotta learn...we've all taken a lot of flack and I'm proud of it..."
GARY HESELTINE suggested there needed to be a Congressional Hearing, a solution that was not supported by the Congress Men and Women.

MERRIL COOK often expressed frustration while pressing for the proof during questioning, and not a personal belief.  He was careful to extend great respect that the panel before him had dedicated countless hours of personal time in research and he was not trying to discredit anyone.  PETER DAVENPORT conceded that his personal belief, based on his research, had led him to conclude the explanation was ET based:
"...I am a scientist...good solid, hard evidence...I would categorize it not so much of a leap, but a step...craft that can hover for 5 minutes...crafts that can take off so fast that the human eye can't follow it's path..."
B    R    E    A    K

My impression of this morning session was that there was a lot of ego in the room, everyone often so busy batting statistics around, that they were missing the core essence of the questions presented to them.  
Linda seemed to have a hard time understanding what exactly the panel was attempting to learn from her.  In her mind, she has the proof, but in the public's mind that is her speculation.  Where are the "Alien Laboratories" in action performing these DNA experiments?  The type of evidence this panel is seeking, is something concrete they can take back to their peers.  The photos prove there are extraordinary, unexplainable atrocities being perpetrated on these animals, but they do not offer the definitive explanation as to why.  I am huge fan of LINDA MOULTON HOWE and this observation in no way is meant as a personal attack.  
Although GARY HESELTINE's presentation had me in full support of his position, with his animated passion and conviction, I was really put off with his mannerism that followed during the hearing.  He showed lack of decorum and respect for the Congressmen and Congresswomen, interrupting several times while they were speaking.  Unfortunately, I don't think he was a good ambassador as he put off many of the very people we were trying to build a bridge to.  My comments are not meant to discredit the importance of what he is in support of, as I agree with his cause.  The manner in which you delivery your story, however, is equally important. 


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