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CITIZEN HEARING, Day 2, Afternoon Session

APRIL 30th, 2013


(These blog entries are built in order to share with you some of what I managed to make note of, while watching the live feed.  I've transcribed from notes as accurately as possible, and apologize in advance if I've made any errors.  I hope you will enjoy and accept this in the manner that which I give it to you; in a spirit of sharing and kindness.) Claudette Huber 

O   A   T   H      T  A  K  E  N

STEPHEN BASSETT addressed both the audience, and panel before the afternoon session began with this grave statement:
"Of the 30hrs taking place this week...this is the most important 3hrs...the issues they are speaking to...this is CRITICAL information, please pay close attention."
CAPTAIN ROBERT SALAS presented a brief account of the events surrounding the Malmstrom AFB UFO/Missile Incident back in March, 1967.

DAVID D. SHINDELE presented a brief testimony of a missile incident he was involved with at the Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota.  This was his very first time, after 40yrs of silence,  making a public statement and he expressed "...great trepidation..." about speaking out.

Next, SGT. DAVID C. SCOTT, was the 2nd witness to publicly speak of his experience for the very first time. He spoke of how the Canadian Military near Winnipeg, Canada  scrambled fighter planes to chase UFOs.

CAPTAIN BRUCE FENSTERMACHER followed with his account of missile tampering at the Warren Air Force Base back in 1976.  He and a colleague were 60' underground behind a 8 tonnes door while the UFO incident occurred above ground.

RICHARD DOLAN was the final presenter in this session where he regaled the panel with dates, FBI documents, and facts of interest.  He ended with his opinion of how "...they contributed to a state within a state...".

ROSCOE G. BARTLETT kicked off the question period, evidently moved by the testimonies presented to him, with a chilling question/statement:
"What else would the government do for my good?"
RICHARD DOLAN:  "...a large portion of these objects are not ours..."

CAPTAIN ROBERT SALAS:  "...PROJECT BLUE BOOK had 2 sets of files...Classified Blue Book Files...Dr. Craig...Chief Investigator...given names, dates...CONDON investigators never followed up on it...because it was CLASSIFIED."

RICHARD DOLAN:  "....complete nightmare for 'them' to deal with..."

LYNN WOOLSEY ended the first half of the afternoon session with a heartfelt, thought provoking statement:
"...I am getting really uncomfortable about the position you were in...a sitting member would risk losing an election...I think this week...is gonna change the feeling and respect that the ...regular member of our country...they are going to have a different respect for it...and be able to say 'it'..."
 B   R   E   A   K

The gracious, excellent Chair, CAROLYN KILPATRICK, for the CITIZEN HEARING, opened up discussion with her query:
"Why do you believe today, and 30, 40 years ago has the army suppressed...Is there something we ought to know?"
CAPTAIN ROBERT SALAS: "These objects know in great detail how our missiles operate...if you release that to the public..."
SGT. DAVID C. SCOTT suggested: "Military and local police... to be able to give an honest report... the more information we gather the better..."

ROSCOE G. BARTLETT shocked the audience when he brought up a defamatory editorial about the CITIZEN HEARING and it's panel members:
"...We're an 'Alien Panel'...being payed $20,000...that's just insulting that we can be bought!...I believe there are sightings out there that can't be easily explained away...I'm just insulted that the press does this!...'Just say it often enough, no matter how big the lie, people will believe it'...The audacity, and ignorance infuriates me...there has to be an accountability does there not?!"
This incited several of the panel members to inquire as to who authored such a defamatory article, which also went as far as question their professionalism and careers.

Next LYNN WOOLSEY made the interesting comment:
"We have a big questions...are we doing this because we're going to arm Space?...We don't want to do that...this is a sneaky way...the 'visitors' have shown us what they can do...probably not violent because if they did what they're capable of, they would be eating us!...Our World has some work to do..."
I really appreciated MIKE GRAVEL sharing this little nugget of information regarding the cost of armament, and then ended his statement with a sad question about the American public: 
"...It's more expensive to build the shield than the spear..."  and  "...We can educate the public, but does the public have the power?"
CAPTAIN ROBERT SALAS explained to DARLENE HOOLEY why in his opinion these 'visitors' are shutting off the missiles:
"...They are not Weapons of War, they are Weapons of MASS DESTRUCTION."
MERRIL COOK: "...46 years ago.  Why aren't they releasing these documents now?..."
CAPTAIN ROBERT SALAS: "It's about power and greed and not about public safety...this is such a complex thing..."
MERRIL COOK:  "This 'Truth Embargo' indeed, needs to come down!"

I leave you with MIKE GRAVEL's startling statement before this afternoon sessions were ended:
"...I.C.B.M. in Alaska about?...One submarine can hold any, ANY, people hostage...United States had a satellite...we shot it down to show we have capabilities to shoot it out of space...we're all dependent on satellites!...think of the insanity...you can be suspicious of what we don't know, but what we do know is FRIGHTENING!"

A  D  J  O  U  R  N  E  D

It was announced that PETER ROBBINS has been added to the list of presenters tomorrow morning.  An open invitation was extended to any military or gov't witnesses who would like the opportunity to testify before the panel,  on either Thursday or Friday.  Subject to a screening by STEPHEN BASSETT.

There will be a professional documentary made from the CITIZEN HEARING, it will be titled "TRUTH EMBARGO".

Tonight on the live feed, we have been treated to STANTON FRIEDMAN's presentation titled "FLYING SAUCERS AND SCIENCE" where he early on makes the quip "...Don't bother me with the facts, my mind is already made up" in reference to skeptics.

My Canadian friend GRANT CAMERON graciously extended encouragement and accolades to STEPHEN BASSETT prior to his presentation:
"Keep swinging the bat Steve, you'll get a home run some day!"
RICHARD DOLAN is ending this evenings presentations with threats his lecture could go well into the wee hours tonight.  So with that, I leave you to grab some late dinner and a glass of well deserved "Skinny Girl" Cranberry Cocktail.

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