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Wednesday: APRIL 10th, 2013


I greatly debated whether or not to include the now infamous "DISCOVERY" show, "UFOS OVER EARTH - THE FAYETTEVILLE INCIDENT".  Simply because, it does not accurately recount the events of that fateful January 8th, 2007 day.  CHRIS BLEDSOE SR. and his family suffered ridicule after the show aired. 

" was kinda disheartening. Uh, it was really disheartening, because we're telling this story and agreed to put it on television, thinking it was going on tv the way we all saw it,  and it went on tv in a way to discredit it.  And that's the meat and potatoes of it." CHRIS BLEDSOE SR. (Veritas, March 1st, 2013 interview)

However, I first learnt of his incredible story through the show, and believe it does help give us a good jumping off point for discussion. 


I happened across another unrelated show called "THE TRUTH ABOUT UFOS IN RUSSIA" and was shocked to see a photo of the very same "spiked object" CHRIS BLEDSOE SR. described in the documentary!


About a month later I was listening to "Vox Populi - The Chris Bledsoe Story" produced by MEL FABREGAS on his show "VERITAS".  An excellent, respectful interview portraying the man Chris Bledsoe Sr. was prior to his experience, and the man he's become today.

A very close childhood friend of mine has suffered from Crohn's Disease for most of her life, so I can appreciate and understand what a miracle CHRIS feels being free of any symptoms since his abduction.  In his words:
"It's debilitating intestinal digestive can't eat anything, nothing.  It zaps the life out of me, basically it's like a cancer...For years, 14 or 15 years, I was very sick.  I mean very, very sick.  To where I took heavy loads of medication daily...if I missed a pill in the morning, I knew it within an hour or two." (Veritas interview)
"...and I walked up on these crafts, and from that point on I've never had another, not one symptom!...I have not taken one pill since.  That's the greatest thing...I was healed that day!" (Eye Witness Radio interview)
I was reminded of STAN ROMANEK's miraculous recovery from a leg injury he was scheduled to have surgery for written about in his book titled "MESSAGES".

Here's a lengthy, but incredibly interesting account told by STAN himself:


Soon after, I stumbled upon an archived show running on the fast growing favorite 24/7 radio network called "KGRA - GLOBAL RADIO ALLIANCE" where such Ufology/Paranormal Investigator personalities like RICHARD DOLAN, PAOLA HARRIS, and CASSIDY O'CONNOR host their own shows.  I highly recommend you take a look at this treasure trove of quality radio programs showcased through KGRA.

KGRA-db – Global Radio Alliance

RACE HOBBS and ROYCE FITZGERALD co-host a show on "KGRA" called "EYE WITNESS RADIO".  I happened to catch their "CHRIS BLEDSOE SR INTERVIEW" playing late one night. There are some great insights brought forward worth noting, and I encourage you to listen to their interview. Most importantly the Polygraph Exam results are discussed in great detail, including the fact that all three of the other witnesses passed. Chris Bledsoe Sr. only failed ONE question of the THIRTY FOUR he was asked!

Eye Witness Radio
This interview is currently not free, unfortunately. But, it will be available for those who do not wish to pay the $4.99/month 'Planet Monthly Membership' fee, in 60 to 90 days from the date it aired; February 28, 2013.

CHRIS BLEDSOE SR. describes his first of four encounters with strange crafts:
 "...It looks as if the sky opens was a dark hole and another one of these objects shoot out and zoom up within a second or two..." (Veritas Interview)
"...It looked like the sky just peeled up, or zippered open, and it shot out another of these huge orange balls, and it stopped right by the other two.  I thought, 'Oh MY LORD, it's army!..." (Eye Witness Radio Interview)
These descriptions prompted me to dig out a similar description JORDAN MAXWELL gave in an interview:
"...A cloud parts and an oval opens up.  Through that opening two blueish/white things came.  Absolutely no sound..." (JORDAN MAXWELL Bay Area UFO Expo Interview 1999)
The 2nd sighting occurs back at the fire after Chris Bledsoe Sr. is reunited with his son, Christopher Bledsoe Jr., and their three companions:
"...A whole constellation of stars just moved out of place...the best way I can explain it, they were brilliant white when they were up there, and as it got lower they slowed down.  Their color when they would zoom very fast they would be very, very bright white, when they slowed down they would be yellow, when they would stop they would be orange...but they landed in the woods and they were pulsating like a welders.  If you had three welding machines spread out 40 yards apart..." (Veritas Interview)
"...One of the guys looked up and yelled 'Look! Look up!' and we all looked up...and what it looked like...or like Orion's Belt maybe, 7, 8, or 9 stars just all of a sudden took off.  And they went zipping across the sky, they looked like stars...two all around, and the three came straight over us and landed just on the other side of the river..." (Eye Witness Radio)
What happens next is best described by Chris Bledsoe Sr.:
"...Pandemonium set in at the this time...we all scurried, jumped into the truck and take off...We couldn't get out of there fast enough.  The guys were hollering...the back of my chair's being beat on, they're screaming 'Go! Go! Go! Faster! Faster!' and I'm complaining 'I can't, I can't go this fast!'..." (Veritas Interview)
"...these grown men are screaming at the top of their lungs..." (Eye Witness Radio)
It reminded me of the scene in the popular film "Fire In The Sky" depicting TRAVIS WALTON's abduction where his co-workers witness Travis being hit by a beam of light. 
Chris Bledsoe Sr. is yet again confronted for the third time by a craft as they are fleeing the river side:
"...I can't see the side mirrors because the bushes are so tight, they're scratching and bumping the side mirrors...I'm saying 'one person at a time', and what they were screaming about was this chasing the truck!...on all fours, like an antelope.  This thing is running behind the truck chasing it... just about to grab the tailgate...I came in over top that hill like in the air, I mean literally..." (Eye Witness Radio Interview)
"...I had to slam on brakes because there was a craft sitting on the road in front of us!  It was a road block." (Veritas Radio)
Chris Bledsoe Sr. describes the craft that greets them as they crest the hill:
"...Two of them are orange balls...but there was another one that is on the ground in front of the truck, 100 - 150 yards away between us and the highway...but it has changed to this white looking object...alive, the skin on it, the light.  The rays of light were like helicopter blades going around and all over it, around it.  It was just unbelievable!...We sat there, I guess it was a minute or so, trying to figure out what to do.  And I heard one of the guys say 'Where's the Air Force?!', I mean it was really that serious..." (Eye Witness Radio Interview)
"...It has changed from this orange sphere to this egg shaped looking machine that actually looked like it was alive.  It looked like it had spikes or blades of light...hovering 5 - 10 feet off the ground..." (Veritas Interview)
Now you can't help but wonder if the occupants of the nearby mobile home had an abduction experience:
"...We pull right up to his front door, and his house is facing this object...his front door was wide open, two cars were home.  You could see through the glass door and the tv of the guys...ran up the door, beat on the door...nobody answered the door, strangest thing....According to Donny (one of the 3 men along with both Christopher Sr. and Jr.), he went back a couple days later and...people that lived there said they were there the whole time, uh, never left, didn't remember anything.  That was really strange!..." (Eye Witness Radio)
As you can imagine panic is in full swing:
"...We speed out of there as fast as we can.  Everybody is totally upset, uh, you can imagine...we think the end of the world's coming.  We're being invaded, we don't know!...They were fighting over who gets to go home first...wanting to see their wives and children..." (Eye Witness Radio)
"...It takes a lot to scare these old guys, I'm telling ya.  They're rough and tough, good, honest construction, um, good construction men..." (Veritas Interview)
En route to drop off the first of the men, CHRIS BLEDSOE SR. along with everyone else in the truck experience yet another encounter with a craft:
"...huge, dark, looking craft that is hovering over top of the power line...this thing stretched three power lines long!...there were five of us that were totally horrified that's not 20 or 30 yards above the power line...180' wide and probably 600' long is what it looked like based on...all of us descriptions...I wanna say it was was black, and the whole rear, it's side as we drove up towards it, was a whole thing of, of lights across the back of it...It was mayhem within this truck!..." (Eye Witness Radio)
Both Chris Sr. and Christopher Jr. are on their way home, after dropping the men off at their respective homes, only to find five or 6 cars pulled over looking at the dark object that is still in the area. Witnesses of this spectacular night of events continue to come out of the woodwork helping solidify and add credibility to what these men experienced.

As can only be expected, Christopher Jr is traumatized and his father struggles to find calm and reassurance for his son.  Here he recounts his son's behaviour after arriving home:
"...We get home, and he rushes through the house.  Pulling all the blinds down, turning all the lights, inside on, outside on.  He would open a bathroom door, turn the light on, lock the door.  Open a bedroom door, pull all the blinds down, turn the lights on, lock the doors.  I mean he was just panicking doing that.." (Veritas Interview)
"...turned all the floodlights on...and we've got the tv on news on trying to see if it's on the news, anywhere!  We're just sure we're being invaded.  We're looking for the response from the gov't, the military, whatever. NOTHING..." (Eye Witness Radio Interview)
But this was not to be the end of the incredible events for the BLEDSOE men.  The incessant, loud barking from both the family dog, and the numerous dogs in their nearby kennel prompt the men to go outside thinking they have a burglar.  What CHRIS BLEDSOE SR. encounters next as he leans against a big ole oak tree catching his breath, leaves him feeling completely helpless:
"...and I look back behind me to see if Christopher is right behind me, and when I look back there's one of these little glowing beings, standing about three or four feet away from back's against this tree, I'm looking at this thing...I can't go anywhere.  I just looked at it, and I surrender, basically...I thought it was looked at it's arms and it's legs and you could see the reflections from it's eyes on his body, almost like it was something shiny.  It was reflecting off of...I could reach out and touch it if I wanted to..." (Eye Witness Radio Interview)
" was the size of a child.  Four years old, um...his head wasn't, it wasn't a grey...glowed the color of the moon, about like a soft glow like the moon, just gentle...they looked as if they had, um, glass on their body covering...I could see the reflection from it's eyes...purely looked mechanical, round like the size of a marker o a transfer truck, those little lights, little round lights you see on a transfer truck...sorta digital looking..." (Veritas Interview)
The encounter ends strangely with the being mysteriously becoming invisible; simply vanishing.  

Upon his return to the family home, CHRIS BLEDSOE SR. not surprisingly needs a cigarette to calm his nerves.  Against great protest from his traumatized son CHRIS JR.,  he reaches over and pulls up a blind to crack open a window only to find they're not alone!:
"...There's this 7' tall creature walking towards my window twenty feet away! was the color of 'Avatar'...blueish green...bigger eyes than ours, but like ours.  White around, blue, blueish green eyes..." (Veritas Interview)
Needless to say, the blind came crashing down, and the men retreated further into the house. The night finally ends without further incident.  

These incredible events have severely impacted all the members of the BLEDSOE family.  CHRIS BLEDSOE SR's wife, YVONNE BLEDSOE, reacted from both the mind of a mother protecting her children's innocence, and of a woman who was brought up in a very conservative religious home.  
"...She didn't want me talking about it for fear that I was messing with demons and all sorts of stuff.  And the whole church got behind it, but, it's been the hardest this I've ever had to deal with in my life!  My wife left me for 3 or 4 weeks over this...I come to realize really quick that, um, nobody cared!  I mean I could not understand for the life of me!  The greatest experience that anyone could see, and how anybody couldn't believe you.  When your own parents, your own husband or wife don't want to believe you.  It makes it really hard. I can tell you, it makes it hard!  In fact, I went into a depression for a year...For 10 months I sat in a room...totally miserable of wanting to tell the world and fear I was losing my children, my family...I have been forced to completely, basically make all new friends..." (Veritas Interview)
YVONNE BLEDSOE has since come around to understand and accept something profound has touched both her husband and dear child. She realizes allowing them to speak of their experience is part of their healing process.  It's been a difficult journey for JUNIOR as he continues to struggle with accepting what he experienced that fateful night.
"...Christopher has left home two, three times.  Months at a time...left on foot!..." (Veritas Interview)
CHRIS BLEDSOE SR. has a very unique way of looking at life since his experience. 
"...I see LIFE in a different way...Today, I don't hunt anymore, and if a bug was to be in my house, a spider, it don't matter, I pick him up and take him outside..." (Eye Witness Radio Interview)
He was taught incredible truths about our world during his face-to-face encounters with these beings:
"...This Earth, when the CREATOR made it, he made it so miraculous it has Worlds within Worlds! Microscopic to us, and bigger than us...There's a MIGHTIER  than we.  A CREATOR, that created it all, and he has a grand purpose for it all...We have to quit abusing this planet!  This Earth, this land!  That everything is all ALIVE; the trees, the water, everything!...All LIFE is SACRED...everything exists together and in a HARMONIOUS way..." (Veritas Interview)
CHRIS BLEDSOE SR.'s thoughts on Disclosure were interesting:
"...and that when mankind suffering becomes too great, then, I think, that's when we'll know the disclosure will come...That's why they came, to stop all that, and they can!...they came in FORCE and in POWER, and they'll come back in FORCE and in POWER...They're here.  They've been here.  They've been here forever...Keep your eyes on the skies, because they're REAL!..." (Veritas Interview)
Photo: Finally done this week with this one moving on to something new.
CHRIS BLEDSOE SR. has taken up a passion for painting since his experience

I think GRANT CAMERON would appreciate this final quote from CHRIS BLEDSOE SR. :
"Men's universal consciousness is not together anymore..." (Veritas Interview)
I want to extend a special thank you if you've made it to the end of my article.  Normally I don't have such long blog entries, but I couldn't seem to shorten it any more than I already had. It's an incredible story that deserves respect and attention.  I wish all the best to the BLEDSOE family in health, love, and prosperityTheir courage is admirable!


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