Tuesday, 30 April 2013

CITIZEN HEARING, Day 2, Morning Session

APRIL 30th, 2013


(These blog entries are built in order to share with you some of what I managed to make note of, while watching the live feed.  I've transcribed from notes as accurately as possible, and apologize in advance if I've made any errors.  I hope you will enjoy and accept this in the manner that which I give it to you; in a spirit of sharing and kindness.) Claudette Huber

MERRIL COOK: "...C.I.A reaction to your request..."
PATRICK FRASCOGNA, J.D.: "...neither confirm, nor deny...State Department admitted to having record on file...belonged to U.S.A.F, and it was up to them if released..."
MERRIL COOK: "...what could be positive to hold a person's medical record?..."

ROSCOE G. BARTLETT: "...radiation found on that site, what was left there?..."
NICK POPE: "...I don't know sir."

MERRIL COOK:  "...I'm trying to understand how they can deny you were even a member of the Air Force..."
SGT. JOHN BURROUGHS: "...81st Tech Fighter... wings...December 1980 records...pulled and classified..."

B    R    E    A    K

NICK POPE:  "...February 16th memo...final paragraph...Gabriel visited the site; Commander and Chief of Air Force...where's the paper trail to the General's visit...evidence removed at that time?..."

PATRICK FRASCOGNA, J.D.: "...all the arrows point in one directions...very strange...the testimony is all there."

SGT. JAMES PENNISTON:  "O.S.I. scared me...'If you write everything that happened, all this goes away.'...'We want you to memorize it' (prepared 1 page document by a person in the O.S.I. building)...I wrote everything there, notebook notes, binary code,...a four page statement..."
SGT. JOHN BURROUGHS:  "...incident that took place over 3 nights, 150 personell...How many times comes back three times?!...It was off-base, not our property.  U.S. was given lead investigation by a team in Langley...none of us debriefed, medically checked..."

ROSCOE G. BARTLETT:  "Any idea where the records of this incident are?"
NICK POPE:  "...Gabriel, possibly..."

SGT. JAMES PENNISTON:  "...Classified.  We were told not to talk...all the documents were immediately classified 'SECRET'...4 channels on reel-to-reel had communications...those are missing."

MIKE GRAVEL:  "...Nuclear Underground Storage Facilities in area?"
SGT. JAMES PENNISTON:  "Neither confirm, nor deny."
NICK POPE:  "...Neither confirm, nor deny...British claim."

SGT. JAMES PENNISTON: "...Control Centre put an order out everyone to stop communications, leave it open.  So everyone listened..."
SGT. JOHN BURROUGHS:  "...only 5 statements have surfaced from the three nights....Besides our health issues, we feel it's important for others who may be affected medically...We cannot be treated medically."
SGT. JAMES PENNISTON:  "...32yrs later, still intimidated...We're here to go ahead and clear things up.  Once we achieve what we need to achieve you'll never hear from us again; off radar."
MERRIL COOK:  "...I'm going to have them sign a letter (panel members)...I think it is time to ask the President...something simple...I've chatted with an attorney during break, there is no reason to withhold your medical records."

NICK POPE:  "...one or two British Liaisons on the Royal Base..."

MERRIL COOK:  "...glyphs?..."
SGT. JAMES PENNISTON:  "They didn't care about it."
MERRIL COOK:  "Who did you submit it to?"
SGT. JAMES PENNISTON:  "...O.S.I. does not wear uniforms...from another base or State Dept. officials.  M.O.D. was out there in a matter of days."

SGT. JOHN BURROUGHS:  "...Becoming apparent, whatever we're dealing with...nothing to do with secrecy...it's about power...a race for that technology...ultimately...covered up because everyone is in a race to gain this technology to use it against each other."

      A  F  T  E  R  N  O  O  N          B  R  E  A  K

STANTON FRIEDMAN, PETER ROBBINS and ROGER LEIR were spotted in the audience during this session.

I was heartened to hear MERRIL COOK state he was going to be sending a letter directly to the president, requesting the release of both SGT. JAMES PENNISTON and SGT.  JOHN BURROUGHS medical records, with as many signatures as he gather of support from the present panel members.

The most telling comment was made by SGT. JOHN BURROUGHS at the very end of this session, in my opinion.  "Truth Embargo" has to do with a battle of POWER.


  1. Awesome notes and info Claudette! Thank you for sharing and taking the time to do this for everyone to see!

  2. So glad you like it Piper. That makes it all worth it! xo