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CITIZEN HEARING, Day 3, Afternoon Session, Part II of II

Wednesday, MAY 01st, 2013



(These blog entries are built in order to share with you some of what I managed to make note of, while watching the live feed.  I've transcribed from notes as accurately as possible, and apologize in advance if I've made any errors.  I hope you will enjoy and accept this in the manner that which I give it to you; in a spirit of sharing and kindness.) Claudette Huber 


Witness Testimony Oath:


I got the distinct impression that LT. COL. RICHARD FRENCH will not be giving out too many more public statements as he looked quite frail. It is paramount that his testimony be archived for future reference.  You will discover he is no stranger to the Roswell account:
"...I learned of an the direction of WHITE SANDS...a fighter air idea what it was, the aircraft took off at a high speed and shot off a rocket...afterwards, I was asked to review what was picked up at the craft side...markings appeared to be Arabic, some unknown...casualties transported to WRIGHT PATTERSON...I have quite an experience of seeing UFOs...originally O.S.I., very common at GULF BREEZE...see them come in and land...swamp gas...of course it was a lie, we were encouraged to lie..."
MERRIL COOK was intrigued by LT. COL. RICHARD FRENCH's testimony and asked several questions:
"...this is...highly significant...exactly what you are saying...I commend you for all your service...When did you learn about the accident?..."
LT. COL. RICHARD FRENCH replies, "In a matter of hours."
MERRIL COOK:  "...That's significant...unknown humanoids, did you see them?"
LT. COL. RICHARD FRENCH: "No, I was told."
MERRIL COOK: "How did you hear of the humanoid?"
LT. COL. RICHARD FRENCH:  "People that were there...Enlisted People...various people that were standing on the ramp.  A nurse that was in uniform at the time...she would have known...very closed...later on, I had a very close friend who was a full Colonel...'yes, that's where the parts went'..."

STANTON FRIEDMAN discussing the cover-up:
"...balloons train...they don't match...the fact that they staged the event...they went to a lot of trouble to cover it up...a failure of the press to ask even the basic questions...they got away with it...the press is still not getting really bugs me!"

CAROLYN KILPATRICK challenges DONALD R. SCHMITT, "...give me four sound, scientific reasons why we should go to Roswell...?"  His reply:
"....Historical Fact...they captured a flying saucer...a press release...2 would be...years there after no matter what...eye witness were still discussing this...3rd would be the deathbed declarations...4th would certainly be flight records, cryptology records...all the records of summer 1947 have been destroyed..."
I leave you with MIKE GRAVEL's closing remarks:
"...This is very important...I've eluded to this earlier...the best effort we have to bring visibility...use your good offices...we could go to UNITED NATIONS...we could do it through BRAZILIAN or CANADIAN resolution...we would have the most awe inspiring event!..."

A   D   J   O   U   R   N   E   D 

STANTON FRIEDMAN voice was beginning to show some wear as he struggled through his friendly introduction of DONALD R. SCHMITT; the 7 o'clock first slotted evening presentation.  
LINDA MOULTON HOWE presented in the next time slot, and was gracious enough to offer to stick around for the last five minutes of her time and answer any questions from the floor.

 PETER DAVENPORT, showed his true passion for his work by presenting a plethora of sighting cases, even going over his allotted time to ensure he'd covered all the cases he felt were important to share. 

It's been a long day for me, I hope you are enjoying the coverage I am offering.  Tomorrow's talks will be focusing on the global UFO phenomena, which will prove to be very interesting I'm sure.


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