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CITIZEN HEARING, Day 3, Afternoon Session, Part I of II

Wednesday, MAY 01st, 2013


 (These blog entries are built in order to share with you some of what I managed to make note of, while watching the live feed.  I've transcribed from notes as accurately as possible, and apologize in advance if I've made any errors.  I hope you will enjoy and accept this in the manner that which I give it to you; in a spirit of sharing and kindness.) Claudette Huber 

Witness Testimony Oath:


First to present their testimony was DONALD R. SCHMITT , a true advocate for the rights of the families whose lives have been affected by this event.  He shared:
"...recovered a crashed space craft...would any of us having any difficulty recognizing materials such as plastic, wood, metal?...paper-thin metal-like material that you could not destroy with any conventional means...flows on your hand like water..."
"...To think we now have four official versions of this event!...sworn affidavits...sworn death-bed testimonies...death-beds are admissible...there should be no discrimination.  Just because we don't like the testimony...there still remains questions."
In his closing remarks, DONALD R. SCHMITT quoted a line from the SHAKESPEARE play "HAMLET":
"There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than in your dreams."
Next to speak, was no stranger to THE CITIZEN HEARING proceedings, STANTON FRIEDMANHe presented his case giving a run-down on the sequence of events that led him to his key witnesses, and the happenings thereafter.  (The live feed dropped several times during MR. FRIEDMAN's testimony, I apologize I can't give you more than this.)

LT. COL. KEVIN RANDLE presented his findings from his tireless research trying to uncover the truth of the Roswell UFO crash.  Here are some highlights:
"...a wood so tough he couldn't get a sliver off...bolt cutters...'I can't talk about it, I promised the President I wouldn't talk about it'...'It seems it was something that came on Earth, but not from Earth'..."
an interesting point raised:
"...Everything has to be paid for by the Military, and everything has to be recorded...the flight (with the recovered debris) is paid out of the training budget..."

It was a delight hearing first hand what DR. JESSE MARCEL, JR. experienced as an 11yr old boy, and then subsequently after the initial event.  His son and daughter were seated to his right, JESSE MARCEL, III and DENICE MARCEL.  They both presented compelling testimonies to the character of both their father, DR. JESSE MARCEL, JR., and their grandfather, JESSE MARCEL, SR..
"...I am the son of JESSE MARCEL, dad's credentials are very impressive...Radar School is very important, he would have been very dad was the Intelligence was their job to ascertain what it was out there, and bring it dad said 'You'll never see something like this again.'...'look at this, I think this is the remains of a flying saucer'...three components...foil...if you folded it, it plastic, like a broken any rate, that's where the cover up happened.  In GENERAL RAMEY's office..."
" has had a great impact on our lives...hypnosis session...successful...he motioned grabbing the beam, looking at the glyphs...why did they have to be silent about a weather balloon? grandfather and father were both dedicated military men...It has affected my family in so many ways...respect and recognition they deserve." DENICE MARCEL
MERRILL COOK was moved by all of the MARCELs's testimonies:
"I'm very impressed...everything you said speaks for itself...everything you said is honest...I agree with you, they should open the files..."
DR. JESSE MARCEL, JR. recounts the mysterious events surrounding a visit to the Capital Building where he was taken into a basement meeting room:
" the basement...beautiful room...with pictures of founding fathers...a book was there...'this is not fiction'...first time someone in the inner sanctums admitted...'there's a black government, they have control of the debris, and they answer to no one'..."
Conversation about the debris, and what may have happened to it:
"...Probably got sent to Wright curtain got slammed down quickly." STANTON FRIEDMAN
"How quickly?" LYNN WOOLSEY
"Five hours!..." LT. COL. KEVIN RANDLE
CAROLYN KILPATRICK asks, "Where do go from here, why of it...?"
DR. JESSE MARCEL, JR. replies, "It tells us we are not alone.  There are other civilizations out there..."
ROSCOE BARTLETT"Did your father mention seeing bodies?"
DR. JESSE MARCEL, JR. answers, "He knew people who did..."

I end the first half of the afternoon session with DR. JESSE MARCEL, JR.'s personal statement:
"...It was a very EARTH, SPACE awakening experience for me..."

B    R    E    A   K

LINDA MOULTON HOWE and ROGER LEIR were present during this session in the audience.


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