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Saturday: JUNE 8th, 2013




This complete blog entry stems from an obsolete open mike question period "YouTube" video in which BOB LAZAR is questioned.  And in the true sense of synchronicity, I continued to come across additional information about MR. LAZAR in further unrelated interviews this past week. Thanks to this candid video, taken and later posted by DAN WILLIS, I gained some great insight. If you can muscle through the poor film quality, it is worth your time to watch.

BRAD BRAY, host of "PARANORMAL SUNDAY", suggested I listen to a short interview he conducted on the AREA 51 subject with a man by the name of T. D. BARNES, a former AREA 51 employee.  Check out the link below and have a listen for yourself:

Brad Bray

T. D. BARNES's statement regarding the legitimacy of BOB LAZAR's story perked my ears up.  

 "...I was there before him, he was never there...".  T. D. BARNES
I had the pleasure of listening to my friend, NORIO HAYAKAWA, in a recent interview (link below) conducted by RICK SCOULER, the host of "TOPIC: UFO".

"Topic: UFO - Special Edition - The Life and Times of Norio Hayakawa - HD 720P"


"...At this time point in time, yes, I still have NO conclusion about Mr. BOB LAZAR.  He now lives in Michigan and has his own business called "UNITED NUCLEAR", which he has been doing for many years...he still seems to be conducting uh, some projects, indirectly with, uh, some kind, uh, defense contractors...there's no question in my mind, in that he knows what he's doing.  But, uh, whether he was telling a lie about uh...S4 and Area 51, and uh, you know, back engineering of an alien craft.  There's no PROOF, there's no PROOF whatsoever...."
NORIO HAYAKAWA's opinion is important when you consider his experience in the UFO field. I am also a huge advocate for the belief that no one knows the "answer":
"...I've been in this UFO research since 1961.  I've been to a lot of places.  I've seen a lot of things.  I've interviewed hundreds and hundreds of peoples, witnesses.  And YET!  I cannot come to any solid conclusion as to what the UFO phenomena is, much less come to any conclusion that we are being visited by physical extraterrestrial aliens in physical, extraterrestrial craft. It's a GREAT concept, and a GREAT topic, but uh, unfortunately, the bottom line, we have to look at the bottom line.  The EVIDENCES are very, very difficult to uh, find, and that's all I can say." NORIO HAYAKAWA
The LAZAR story is one filled with great debate and speculation.  I have not formed any conclusions as to the validity of his claims.  Instead, I choose to remain open minded, sifting through information looking for nuggets of truth.  I believe the TRUTH is out there, but the water has been so muddied with false stories, ego fueled, money hungry, thrill seeking individuals, that it is extremely difficult to identify.

Area 51 has many names, as noted by Thornton D. Barnes in his interview; "PARADISE RANCH", "WATER TOWN", "BOX", and ofcourse, "DREAMLAND".  Just further evidence of how much "information" is out there hiding incognito right before our eyes. 

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