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Friday: January 10th, 2014


Recently I had the pleasure of listening to an interview conducted by KATHERINE BUCKALEW, the 'On-Air Hostess' and Co-Founder of the "TRUTH CONNECTIONS RADIO" show that can be heard every Thursday night starting at 10pm EST on the "UFO PARANORMAL RADIO NETWORK".   


The interview was conducted on December 19th of 2013, with Steve Pierce mostly, but towards the end of the 2hr session his girlfriend, PAMELA NECERATO-LOFFREDO, also an experiencer, participated.
I have no doubt something incredible was seen and experienced on November 5th, 1975 by Travis Walton, Steve Pierce, Ken Peterson, Allen Dalis, Dwayne Smith, and brother-in-laws Mike Rogers and John Goulette .  No matter that it's taken over 38 years for Steve to publicly come forward,  I can only imagine how grateful Travis is for the public support and companionship Steve has provided.  I really hope the other men find the courage needed from observing Steve's mostly positive "coming out" and will soon follow suite and come forward themselves.  As an "armchair" researcher I am convinced having everyone's personal impressions that were involved in this incredible happening is invaluable to helping further the quest for answers as to what in the world is going on here!  This is occurring right beneath our noses for centuries, to our children, friends, brothers, sisters, and still no one can sufficiently explain "what" and "why" this is happening.  It is nearly impossible for those who have gone through this type of experience not to carry suspicions that a great conspiracy of silence is taking place leaving us all extremely vulnerable and frustrated with the ignorance being forced unwillingly upon experiencers around the world.

I found several interesting points Steve made during his interview with Kathy compelling enough to write about, One of which is was that from an early age Steve, unknowingly witnessed UFOs.
"...We lived outside of Snowflake...when it got dark at night there was a hill behind us...we used to watch these light shows on top of us at night...back then I really didn't know what is was until I saw the UFO with Travis..." STEVE PIERCE, Kathy Buckalew interview
"...The day it happened was just like a regular day..." Steve says as he begins to recount his own unique perspective of what happened on that frightful day.  He explains what his responsibilities during a typical work day entailed:
"...I was the I'm the one who stacked up all the tree branches and everything.  I didn't have a chainsaw...I was the youngest one..." STEVE PIERCE, Kathy Buckalew interview
He later describes the seating configuration in the two seated pickup truck he and the other witnesses rode in on their way home:
"... There was 3 in the front seat; Mike was driving, Kenny Peterson was in the middle, and Travis Walton was on the far right.  And then the back was Allen Dalis, then John Goulette was on the left of me, and then, uh, Dwayne Smith was behind Mike, the driver..." STEVE PIERCE, Kathy Buckalew interview
Steve then goes on to describe some of the dialogue that took place in the pickup as the men all tried to sort out what their eyes were seeing.  Nothing in their life experiences could prepare them for what they were about to witness!
"...We saw this bright object on the right...Someone said it looked like the moon, and John Goulette said, 'No, there's the moon right there.', and it was on the left of us..." STEVE PIERCE, Kathy Buckalew interview
At this point I want to introduce another recent and rather unique interview that I came across while visiting Steve Pierce's official website,

CHRIS NEWMAN, aka JANUS, the host of "THE UNKNOWN" broadcasted through "HEY Z RADIO NETWORK", collaborated with Steve Pierce to create an original soundtrack recounting his personal experience during the Travis Walton abduction. 

Here I found additional interesting details that Steve recounts, including the other possible explanation for what they were all witnessing and processing while the truck made it's way closer to the source of that bright light.
"...Someone said it might be a wrecked airplane, and John Goulette said, 'No, I know what an airplane wreck looks like.  It's not an airplane wreck.'.  We couldn't tell what it was, but it was this bright light coming through the trees." STEVE PIERCE, Janus production
Allen Dalis is the first to correctly identify the object as a "space ship!".  What ensued was an array of emotions as each man tried to reconcile what their eyes were seeing.
"...Allen Dalis kinda like hits the floorboard, but he gets back up, and he's looking out the window.  I scooted over, I'm all the way over next to the door now...and then it's just hovering there!...I mean it was GORGEOUS, and we're just all looking at it.  At first we're not scared; we're nervous, but not scared you know?...You're just like 'WOW!'..." STEVE PIERCE, Kathy Buckalew interview
 Next, Steve gives his personal interpretation, and impressions of what happened as he watched Travis exit the truck towards the object:
"...To me he looks like he was in a trance, 'cause people were hollering at him.  He turned around once, he gave us this weird, strange look, and started walking towards it...He ducked down in between these dead trees, and when he stood back up, this thing is still hovering in the air... STEVE PIERCE, Janus production
The ray that hit Travis not only displays great strength but it also had another highly interesting feature:
"...It's solid white, it's not moving, it's just hovering there.  All of a sudden it starts rocking back & forth.  It had a beeping noise to it, a loud pitchy noise, and then all of a sudden this blue light, blueish-green light came out and zapped Travis in the chest. Travis flies back a good 15 feet, he hits the ground.  And you could feel the heat when it came out!  You could feels something coming across your face..." STEVE PIERCE, Janus production and Kathy Buckalew interview
 Steve points out something very interesting that makes sense.  Some experts theorize that Travis was perhaps too close to the object and that is why he was "zapped", but Steve has a different take on it. One I think we should take seriously since, as he eloquently puts, "you weren't there":
"...When he stopped,  there in front of it.  He leans down, he gets back up.  How come they didn't zap him before if he was too close?  Did it have a timer on it?  Did it have a 5, 6 delay timer?...I believe, that uh, ...THEY wanted us, THEY wanted him, THEY took him.  Travis is smart you know, and they took Travis.  THEY wanted Travis.  We saw this for five minutes.  Now, THEY heard the chainsaws, THEY heard us, heard that radio pickup coming down the road.  THEY knew we were there, THEY knew we were coming, you know?  We saw it for five minutes, it's not like we saw it for 10 seconds and it took off.  I mean if Travis got too close he would have got zapped before he bent down you know?  I BELIEVE THEY WANTED HIM." STEVE PIERCE, Kathy Buckalew interview
If you've only seen the very popular movie "FIRE IN THE SKY", and that is your only measuring stick as to what really happened, I strongly urge you to take the time to watch a more accurate version that is both endorsed by Travis Walton himself, and now by Steve Pierce.  There could be a free version out somewhere in the web universe, but I am only aware of the Amazon link for purchase.

"THE ABDUCTION" produced by "Paranormal Witness" Season 2, Episode 9

 The ship portrayed in the "PARAMOUNT" movie is very inaccurate.  Steve gives a true, detailed description of both the ship and the beam that hit Travis:
"Well, it was a solid white.  It was like a white I'd never seen...It was like two cake pans on top of each other...That's how it was shaped.  And you could see the window frames coming down from the craft.  They looked like window frames.  You couldn't, I couldn't see nobody in the windows.  You could see like a frame coming outside the craft, and then one piece all the way in the middle come across and it was solid white.  It was BEAUTIFUL!  The beam was like a blueish-green color.  It came out, and it kinda like "vee-d" out, uh, ti was smaller at the beginning and then it kinda vee'd, got kinda bigger, and it lit up the whole sky...It was BEAUTIFUL!  The most beautiful thing I'd ever seen.  And then, when he got 'zapped', it got brighter, and brighter, and brighter.  This UFO got really, really, really bright.  Um, right before it zapped him..." STEVE PIERCE, Janus production
Mike Rogers was portrayed as this tough, stoic authority figure in the movie and that bothers Steve.  Chuckling he states, "...that ain't what happened..." He describes a more realistic example of Mike shortly after they pulled over trying to get their bearings and decide what to do:
"...when we up were up there Mike fell to his knees and, uh, really upset, saying 'Look what I've done! I left my best friend behind!' and so when we got back down he was still kinda upset..." STEVE PIERCE, Kathy Buckalew interview
It's sad the script writers felt it necessary to portray Mike in this fashion, instead of showing a more realistic, human reaction from a man going through the emotions of abandoning his friend.  That would absolutely be a gut-wrenching experience.  I try and put myself in his shoes, and when I do, I know how horribly hard we can be on ourselves and can hardly imagine what his inner turmoil must have been like.  This is something that probably haunts him to this day.  Travis's return didn't magically resolve all the side-effects this horrific experience inflicted on all the unwilling participants.  Steve briefly talks about how his personal relationships have been affected:
"...My family thought we were all nuts.  Either that, or it was from the Devil or something...But you still got critics.  I got a brother that still doesn't believe me, you know, who thinks this is nothing but a hoax.  You know, the ones who believe you will believe you; and the ones who don't they're awful hard on you..." STEVE PIERCE, Janus production

I find it difficult to understand those who stand in judgement of the men who were in that truck that fateful night in November of 1975.  To call them a coward is a tall accusation; in my opinion, it's like shooting a man when he's already down.  Steve's voice picks up an octave when he responds to such ridiculous allegations:
"...I didn't leave!  I wasn't driving!...see, I didn't realize Mike took off until my head hit the door...I don't know why Mike took off.  That's something you going to have to ask him...You gotta remember he had all of us other to take care of too you know...People call us a coward for leaving, you know...I mean, Mike had all of us to worry about us..." STEVE PIERCE, Kathy Buckalew interview
There was great terror, copious amounts of adrenaline pumping through their veins, and a best friend either dead, or missing.  You try coming up with logical, strategic solutions in the middle of nowhere where "once it gets dark, you can't see out there anyway", after witnessing such a fantastical event. 
"...He's not moving, and I hollered out, 'THEY got him!'  As soon as I said 'THEY got him!', Mike takes off and he's going down the road, and he's running over everything.  He never missed a gear in that pickup truck, and we get down and he's hollering out 'Look Back!  Look Back! See if it's following us!' But nobody, I don't think anybody looked back to see if it was following us.  And then we get down a ways and then um, Kenny Peterson says, you know, got him to stop, and we stopped.  And uh, as we're getting out to talk about, you know what we should do, I noticed, I saw a light from the , from behind us, go from, go from the North.  So we thought it took off, as we're all there talking about what we should do, and one of the guys says, 'It looks like he was disintegrated', and I said, 'No, his body's there. I seen him hit the ground', you know, and then, um, we was trying to figure out what to do.  So we all decided we uh, we can't leave him there. And so we all got back in the pickup and we went looking for him...When we got there, we had one flashlight.  We're looking around, we're hollering his name and stuff.  I mean we looked everywhere and we couldn't find him..." STEVE PIERCE, Kathy Buckalew interview
Steve also put into perspective how scary it was to be just 17 years old, and have the whole town convinced you're guilty of murder; even his own mother!  He recounts an intimidating car ride:
"...trying to stay out of sight.  A city cop pulled me over and told me to get in the back of this cop car.  I get back there and we went for a little ride.  He was telling me Arizona, you don't need a body to be convicted for murder.  And if I'm involved in it, I'm just as guilty as the person who did the killing.  So you know, if I confess right now, and tell him what happened...they would be on my side...try and help me out.  But!  If I don't confess, you know, and they find out later I'm just as guilty as they are and I'm going to go to jail for murder.  Well I told the cop what we told him was true, and he let me out and told me to think about it and let him know....I said, 'Well, there's nothing really to think, you know.'"STEVE PIERCE, Janus production
It takes a strong willed person, at the age of 17,  to endure that kind of pressure!  Can you imagine hearing, "We'll take the quiet one first" before going in to take your polygraph for murder?  
"...Like it was yesterday.  The way people treated us.  People were looking at us like we killed Travis...the whole town thought we murdered him...For five days it got crazy...On the fifth day they made us take polygraph test and um, I tried to sneak out the back door again, but it didn't work.  They put me in my mom's car and my mom had to take me because I was a minor and my mom was kinda curious to know if we killed Travis or not." STEVE PIERCE, Kathy Buckalew interview and Janus production

It's important to note that everyone passed a polygraph test; even Allan Dallas, as Steve explains:
"They said Allen Dalis flunked the polygraph test.  That's not actually true.  Um, they hooked him up, and uh, they asked him if he killed Travis.  And he got mad, said 'Why you asking these kind of questions for?', and he ripped the stuff off and didn't take the polygraph test...So, he did take one in 1993 and passed it from the same guy.  And then Travis took one from the same guy, too, and passed it.  And Travis took another one from some guy in New Mexico, and passed it.  Everybody's passed the polygraph test...He (Mr. Cy Gilson) even said, 'You can't beat me at my own game.  If you're lying, I'll know you're lying'..." STEVE PIERCE, Kathy Buckalew interview
Even though the polygraph exam was geared towards unearthing murder as the plausible explanation for Travis's disapperance, it's interesting to note there was a question about whether or not they'd seen a space ship.
Afterwards, when Travis was returned and things had settled down a bit, Travis did meet with the rest of the men to discuss what had happened to all of them.  Steve says something chilling about what he observed when he was reunited with Travis and the others:
"...He came back to Snowflake, and we all met at Mike's house.  And he told us.  We all believed him, I mean, it was something about his eyes.  His eyes were different after that.  His eyes are STILL different after that!" STEVE PIERCE, Janus production
I have had the great pleasure of meeting Travis Walton in person, something I never thought would ever be, and I can vouch for the unmistakable haunting eyes he has.  They hold a world of realities we can't even begin to understand! 


Steve also takes time to address his involvement with PHILIP KLASS, a man known for tampering with UFO witnesses.  Philip, over the course of many years, kept track of Steve and his whereabouts. He tried to bribe him with money in exchange for him falsifying the account of events surrounding Travis Walton's abduction:
"...I moved to Taylor...There was a city cop named JIM CLICK that came to my door one day, and told me that Philip Klass said he'd give me $10,000 to say it was a hoax.  I asked Jim Click, 'Is that all you wanted?'...I moved to Texas after that, back home to where I was born.  And Philip Klass found out my address out there, and got my phone number and started calling me about once a month...He was even calling my brother and sister-in-law telling I would give 'em all this money...Philip Klass was a PAIN IN MY ASS, for a long time...No, I never took the money.  I thought about it..." STEVE PIERCE, Janus production and Kathy Buckalew interview
Steve reasoned, that nobody believed what happened to Travis anyway, so what harm would it do?  He could surely use that amount of money, it would have really helped him and his young family out.  He doesn't shy away from the fact his unhappiness with Mike Rogers also fueled his interest in taking the dirty money.  But in the end truth prevailed and today we can all breathe a sigh of relief he was able to rise above all the crap and be a bigger man.  Thank you Steve!

Steve is in the process of putting out a Second Edition to his already published book recounting what happened to him and the what he saw.  If you ask him why he has decided to come out and support Travis and tell his side of the story he will answer that his daughter helped him and the need for only the TRUTH to be told:
"...She's (daughter) one of the reasons.  The other reason I decided to come out and talk about it.  If I don't tell my story, somebody else will...There's a lot of things in the movie that's not true...It was really pissing me off!.." STEVE PIERCE, Kathy Buckalew interview  
A sneak peak at the cover

Conferences that bring researchers, abductees, their friends and families, doctors, scientists, lawyers and all others who have a genuine desire to seek out the answers are much needed.  Not only does it allow networking to occur, but it also provides a safe place where like-minded people can share openly and find comfort from one another.  I was really struck by Steve's candid words, and realized how right he was.
"...To me, that's therapy.  Going to these conferences.  Going to these people, listening, listening to you speak..." STEVE PIERCE, Janus production
Just last night I was pondering the importance of attending the "INTERNATIONAL UFO CONGRESS" this coming February in Arizona.  It has not been easy to arrange with having the responsibilities of a family and living in Canada.  To attend requires much effort and money on our part.  Steve helped remind me why it is important to gather with like-minded colleagues and friends.  We can never forget what we are all rallying together for; fighting for the truth, our dignity, and our worth in this complex world we call EARTH.

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