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"ADMISSIBLE THE FIELD MANUAL for Investigating UFOs, Paranormal Activity, and Strange Creatures" by Chase Kloetzke with Richard M. Dolan

A Book Review:

A photo of my well worn copy.  You can't see it, but many of the pages are littered with notes in the margins with folded over ears.  I look forward to meeting Chase in person one day and having it signed.

This paperback book reads as though Chase Kloetzke is sitting across from you at the kitchen table, discussing the ABC's of collecting evidence in the largely unregulated field of paranormal research,  over a cup coffee.  It was written and designed in a quick, easy to follow format.  For anyone familiar with Chase,  you will immediately understand what I mean by reading her dedication at the beginning of her book:

"This manual is dedicated to all of the 'door kickers' and 'boots on the ground' investigators who venture out of the ordinary.  We are all in this together!"  Chase Kloetzke
But in saying that, this book also holds the seriousness and practicality that you would expect from any classroom textbook.  Although I'm confident Chase could have accomplished this book based solely on her own credentials, the fact that she consulted with credible, respectable individuals such as NICK REDFERN, and RICHARD DOLAN only helped solidify the importance and seriousness of this soon to become required reading for anyone aspiring to become a competent paranormal researcher .  I share Mr. Dolan's outlook as put forth in his forward:
 "...A fish cannot conceive of life beyond the water.  Land, sky, and outer space are things it can never know, and certainly never experience.  We human beings have impressive brains, certainly compared to the poor fish. But isn't it possible that we, too, have been bumping into a dimension of reality that takes us to our very limits, and perhaps a little bit beyond?  Can it be that when people encounter what we call aliens or cryptids, or apparitions of some sort, that we are obtaining a glimpse beyond our own little pond of reality?  It seems so to me..." Richard Dolan, pg xix

Left to Right: Claudette Huber (myself), and Richard Dolan at the UFO Congress 2013

Chase leaves no stone unturned, not only covering all the complexities of becoming a well-respected, professional investigator, but also the handling of the investigation itself.  From the conception of the idea to investigate right through to the proper etiquette of closing a case and the storage of that sensitive research material.   She is all about preserving the integrity of ALL collected evidence, be it eye witness testimony, actual biological material, or any other type listed and described in her comprehensive book.  I have never been exposed to anything remotely close to investigating a paranormal case, but after reading this book I now have a much better appreciation for the seriousness of collecting, researching, and then afterwords being the caretaker of such evidence.

Chase outlines an "Investigator's Code of Ethics" in the first chapter, a theme that is followed throughout the book covering the attributes and standards researchers should strive to practice as they go about interacting with witnesses, fellow team members, other field experts, and law enforcement personnel.   She also talks about the "Hynek Classification System" benefits versus the "Vallee Classification System" when recording UFO and Contact Reports along with how to go about customizing your own classification system if desired; something I have run across but never fully understood.  There is no doubt in my mind, Chase knows exactly what she's talking about,  and has given this subject much consideration and respect.  

Throughout her book you will find several checklists outlining covered material that provides researchers with quick, valuable future tools of reference.  In addition, I was pleased to discover at the back of the book an Appendix of Forms in which Chase graciously offers:
"...The following forms are intended as useful guidelines for the investigator.  They may freely be copied or adapted to meet your specific needs..." Chase Kloetzke, pg 131

I know you hear it all the time, but I wish to urge readers the importance of adding this book to their library.  Anyone looking to become a serious researcher, needs to become acquainted with the entire content of Chase Kloetzke's book.  It will provide you with a condensed how-to book built from years of invaluable field research and experience, that you will find yourself referencing back to for years to come!  

"ADMISSIBLE: THE FIIELD MANUAL for INVESTIGATING UFOs, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, and STRANGE CREATURES"  written by Chase Kloetzke with Richard Dolan can be enjoyed either in "Kindle" format, or paperback at "" , "Create", and through the publishing company "Richard Dolan Press"


To learn more about Chase Kloetzke and the projects she's currently working on,  you can join in on great conversations every Thursday starting at 9pm ET in the chat room at KGRA Radio during her 1 and 1/2 hour radio show titled, "The Chase Kloetzke Project".

"The Chase Kloetzke PROJECT" show on "KGRA Radio"     

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